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Birth of our products obtained from delicious sesames raised in Bayramiç and its neighborhood in Çanakkale goes back 5 generations to the second half of 1800’s. Our products being sold only at the neighborhood bazaars and fairs for the limited transportation opportunities of that time, have taken the first steps to institutionalization in 1970’s and taken the brand name TATLAN. Until the end of 1980’s we have reached to every town and village of our province and made our name a known and trusted brand. Starting from 1990’s till today, we’ve replenished and developed ourselves by following new technologies and increased our production capacity every year. Now, our Company possessing Food Manufacturing License, TSE, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Certificates, is manufacturing products in tahini, tahini halva, molasses, jam and honey segments.

We shall continue to teach halva, tahini and molasses culture, our traditional Turkish palatal delight to our new generation youth and children, improve ourselves by following new technology without destroying taste and offer you different tastes of dessert world.